Nature Matters is an environmental magazine. Its now in its eighteenth year and aims to provide the latest news and research in the fields of environment, wildlife conservation and climate change. It also covers press releases from all the major wildlife charities and articles relating to renewable energy.

Readership is international and includes academics, wildlife charities, researchers, 'green' industries and members of the public with an interest in wildlife and the wider environment.

Nature Matters has a team of one - Michael Armitage. From a child, Mike has been interested in wildlife and is now a naturalist, editor and environmental campaigner.

He has edited a number of wildlife charity publications and has been a writer and editor for Nature Matters magazine for 18 years.

Some readers will have heard of his campaign to pressure UK teabag sellers to remove plastics from their teabags. The campaign was reported on by the Sunday Times, BBC Radio Wales and ITV Wales and the resulting petitions received a total of around 410,000 signatures. p>If you have any questions or would like to join the Nature Matters mailing list, please click on the email symbol below.