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    01 2017

    H E A D L I N E

    Welcome to the Scarlet - a luxury eco hotel, just for grown ups, on the edge of the OceanScarlet Hotel

    You can indulge in all kinds of relaxing diversions here at the Scarlet – including our cliff-top hot tubs, a natural reed-bed swimming pool and an Ayurvedic inspired spa. We designed the Scarlet so that almost wherever you are, you can enjoy far-reaching views of the beach and sea beyond. We want you to feel connected to our unique location, both indoors and out. The hotel is a balance of light, airy spaces with cosy, private areas which allow you to mix with our other guests or enjoy peace and solitude.

    Our stunningly appointed bedrooms and suites feature free standing baths, walk-in showers, sea views, private gardens, terraces or private rooftop sitting rooms.

    The Scarlet is a hotel for grown ups. The Scarlet offers serenity, a chance to escape from life’s fast pace, slow down and truly enjoy nature, great food and a warm welcome.

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  • 02 2017

    R E N E W A B L E S

    How Canberra took lead in Renewable Energy RaceThe Guardian

    As Australia remains mired in a broken debate about the supposed dangers of renewable energy, some states and territories are ignoring the controversy and steaming ahead.

    While Australia is far from the renewable capital of the world, the Australian Capital Territory may soon be among the world’s top renewable energy regions. And as it transitions, the ACT is demonstrating the benefits of the renewables boom to the rest of the country.

    In 2016 the ACT government legislated the target of sourcing 100% renewable energy by the end of this decade. It is the most ambitious renewable plan in the country, although Victoria is pushing ahead with a target of 40% by 2025. New South Wales has lagged behind other states, and doesn’t have a specific renewable energy target, but it aims to have net-zero emissions by 2050.

    As part of the ACT renewable energy plan, the government has run a smaller-scale community solar scheme,says Lawrence McIntosh, project leader of SolarShare, a member-owned company building solar projects in and around the ACT.

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  • 03 2017

    Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2017 RSPB

    Tens of thousands of schoolchildren across the UK will be swapping books for binoculars this term to take part in the UK’s biggest schools wildlife survey.

    The RSPB’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2017 takes place during the first half of the spring term andhelps children discover the wonderful wildlife they share their school grounds with, whilst providing a helpful insight into which species are thriving or declining.

    According to research conducted by the RSPB, one in five children are disconnected from nature. Big Schools’ Birdwatch aims to inspire children to care about the natural world around them in the hope they’ll want to help protect it for future generations.

    Last year almost 100,000 pupils and teachers from schools all across the UK took part by counting the birds that visited their school grounds, and it is hoped even more will take part this year.

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